Saturday, February 16, 2013

Learn a new needlecraft ...

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... with a book widely considered to be the best for all levels of expertise. 

The Bantam Step-by-Step Book of Needle Craft, Judy Brittain, Bantam, 1980, softcover, 512 pp.

The most comprehensive book on needlecraft ever written, organized by type: knitting, crochet, knotted & wovenwork (knotting, macrame, netting, tatting, plaiting, rugmaking, weaving), embroidery, needlepoint, patchwork quilting & applique, and basic sewing.

"Since the earliest times needles and yarns have been used to make beautiful works of art ... with the advent of machines life became easier for people ... the understanding of the workings of needle and yarn and their partnership with the texture of fabric were forgotten ... this book, therefore, was undertaken to reinstate the craft of the needle ... so that new and beautiful needlework will once more come into being and become part of a future heritage."

For each of the 15 separate crafts included in the book, the history, materials and equipment, how-to techniques and diagrams, stitch glossaries, and project instructions and design ideas are provided. Beginners will appreciate the simplified step-by-step illustrated instructions, and experts will be able to add to their repertoire with the many different ideas, patterns and stitches shown.

A classic, must-have reference work for the serious crafter!

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