Friday, February 08, 2013

Candy is dandy ...

Candy , Better Homes and Gardens, First Edition, First Printing, 1984, Meredith Corp, hardcover, 96pp. 
" after delicious page of recipes for time-tested favorites like fudge, divinity, and caramels ... an entire chapter of sweet treats that go together in a hurry ... directions will assure you of memorable homemade confections time after time."

 Milk Made Candies , Evaporated Milk Association, Chicago, Illinois, 1951, softcover, 16pp.
Vintage 1950s candy cookbook with recipes using evaporated (NOT condensed) milk. Among them are fudge, panocha, fondant, pralines, caramels, taffy, and butterscotch. 

Home Made Candy by the food editors of Farm Journal, Nell B. Nichols (ed), 1970, Doubleday & Co, hardcover with dust jacket, 224pp.
This vintage candy cookbook has over 250 tested recipes, as well as tips for storing, packing, and mailing your finished batch. 

... Desserts are divine ...

 Death by Chocolate Cakes - An Astonishing Array of Chocolate Enchantments, Marcel Desaulniers, 2000, William Morrow, Stated First Edition, hardcover with dust jacket, 216pp.
"...Marcel serves up some of his most inventive, most sinful, most seductive chocolate creations ever. His Chocolate Heart of Darkness cakes are the ultimate cupcakes...Look up Excessively Expressive Espresso Ecstasy or Chocolate Strawberry Teardrop Cake ... try Marcel's Chocolate Pistachio Madeleines...Golden Raisin Heavy Fudge cake, Cocoa Pound Cake with Warm Buttered Brandy Berries ... "

 Cookie Originale Original Cookie Recipes by Marilou Dyer, 1970, Nitty Gritty Productions, first edition hardcover with dust jacket, 179 pp plus index.
This vintage cookbook is a truly original delight -- over 100 cookie recipes created by the author, combined with 47 charming black and white photos of kids and grown-ups eating cookies. 


... Liquor is quicker ... 

3 Bottle Bar  , H.I. Williams, 1943, 4th printing 1944, M.S. Mill Co., Inc., hardcover with dust jacket, 64pp. 
Vintage WWII drink mixing book, which surprised even the author for its popularity.   "...My difficulty...was in finding recipes to fit my liquor supply. Always I seemed to lack something. So I began making drinks which required only which I ordinarily keep on hand."

 The Legend of Liqueurs, Wines and Spirits:   What To Serve, When to Serve, How to Serve it, Deluxe Fourth Edition, 1938, Ginrum Alpha Co, Hastings, Nebraska, plastic binding, 3.5 by 5.5 inches, 229pp incl index. 
"Dedicated to those who can drink, yet continue to think; and pleasures deserved glean from each, may their pleasures be many, their sorrows not any; life's happiness always in reach."

... Be mine, Valentine!


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