Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Cheap Exercise Options

http://yesteryearsgoodies.ecrater.com has exercise videos in economical VHS format -- with multiple item discounts, combined shipping savings, and a Golden Rule Guarantee, you can build a fitness library on the cheap in your own home! 

It's an ecological choice, too -- cut down on all that driving to the gym - save time, money, and gasoline. And VHS tapes take lots more abuse than finicky, more expensive DVDs. The format is not dead yet -- they still make VCRs for less than $100.

I offer videos for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced. You'll add challenge to your workout by mixing it up with different workout styles -- aerobics, step aerobics, strength training, weight training, pilates, yoga, walking, exercise ball, dance, Tae Bo, more.

Fitness experts include Leslie Sansone, Billy Blanks, Gin Miller, Kathy Smith, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Keli Roberts, Mari Winsor, Susan Powter, Kari Anderson, Karen Voight, Richard Simmons, Tony Little, Jake Steinfeld, and many more. Choose the personalities that are right for you. They'll guide and motivate you so you'll stick to the program and have fun, too!

Take a look - http://yesteryearsgoodies.ecrater.com/category.php?cid=127510

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