Monday, December 03, 2012

Holiday Break Craft Project

Looking for things to do with your kids during Christmas break?  If you can sew at all, here's a holiday sewing project that's eggsactly perfect for beginners - and full of possibility for involving young and old!

Even for the larger 10"  figure the only fabric you need are a quarter yard of solid color for the unclothed parts of his body and another quarter yard of print for his clothes.  Stitch him up and stuff him with fiberfill or other stuffing material (like old pantyhose - if you know anyone who wears them anymore!). 

You can embellish the egg-shaped body with markers, buttons, paints, and something fluffy for his beard - using the materials-list in the pattern as a guide.  Or - even more fun - give him a jolly personality all your own with the materials you and the kids scavenge from around the house - like leftover wrapping paper and ribbon, cotton balls, yarn scraps, whatnot.

You can bet Santa won't be the only one saying "Ho Ho Ho"!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Vintage Betty

 The many faces of Betty, thanks to
Among the more than 1,000 cookbooks at my online stores - one place you can see them is - are several by that fictional SuperWoman of American cookery, Betty Crocker.  General Mills built up her reputation for super kitchen skills with easy-to-follow, reliable recipes beautifully presented in books that stay open to the page you want.  Here are a few of her vintage best -  from the mid '60s thru early '70s.

Betty Crocker's Pie and Pastry Cookbook: Appetizers, Main Dishes, Desserts, 1968/1972, Second Printing, 1972, spiralbound hardcover, 160pp.
Viewed by many as the premiere instruction manual of pie-baking, Betty Crocker's Pie and Pastry Cookbook offers photographed, step-by-step instructions for turning out a perfect pastry, and hundreds of recipes for pies, tortes, tarts, turnovers, canapes, cobblers, cream puffs, and more.

Betty Crocker's Dinner In A Dish Cook Book, 1965, First Edition, First Printing, Golden Press, spiral bound hardcover, 152pp excl index.
More than 250 casserole, skillet, chafing dish, and soup recipes, with lots of dinner party tips, putting together suppers in 30 minutes or less, planning for leftovers (""planned-overs""), and easy accompaniments to your one-dish entree.

Betty Crocker's Cookbook, 1969, 22nd printing 1974, Golden Press, 5-ring hardcover binder, 480pp.
Familiar red "pie" version of the popular all-purpose cookbook, in binder format so that it lies flat, in good vintage condition. 22 chapters, from Appetizers through Desserts, filled with easy-to-follow recipes that have been "tested, re-tested, and people-tested" and that have stood the further test of time.

Betty Crocker's Dinner Parties - A Contemporary Guide to Easy Entertaining, First Printing, 1970, Golden Press, covered spiralbound hardcover, 128pp incl index.
Another great Betty Crocker vintage classic cookbook, with tried and true recipes from the 1960s clearly presented and beautifully illustrated with color photographs. Recipes are organized into menus, none of which take more than an hour to prepare.

So Quick with New Bisquick: A Betty Crocker Cookbook for Breads, Main Dishes, Desserts, 1967, General Mills, Inc., spiral bound half-size hardcover (6" X 8" approx), 120pp incl index.
Fun vintage 1960s cookbook promoting "New Bisquick Buttermilk Biscuit Mix" -- "We call it New Bisquick for short" -- an "improved", softer version of the baking shortcut standard made with lighter flour and "a little extra sugar" ...