Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Build Up Your Exercise Video Library!

The FIRM Classic Workout with Janet Jones
The Firm with Janet Jones
Although I shop thrift stores and estate sales for all kinds of home goods, a good exercise video in glorious VHS is one of my favorite finds.  They're usually amazingly inexpensive, so even those made in the 1980s are worth a test.  

Even online sources which don't offer free shipping are a great way to build a library of workouts, because their prices are so low.  As long as they've been tested and have a guarantee, you'll pay a fraction of the cost of DVDs or online streaming.  And, some of the most popular workouts of the 1990s - those familiar classics from The FIRM, Buns of Steel, Jane Fonda, Susan Powter, Kathy Smith - have never been re-produced in any other format. 
A New Attitude

Good old VHS exercise tapes may not have the same clarity as BluRay, but do you really need to see every speck of dust on a hot-pink-and-turquoise leotard while you're sweating to an oldie?  

Mary Tyler Moore
Let's talk about durability. We've all had the experience of getting very involved in a movie on DVD and having it freeze up into a hundred small unviewable squares.  That never happens with VHS tapes, and as long as you keep them dry and away from heavy projectiles (like stomping feet), you'll get years of viewing enjoyment from them.  

Videocassettes will deteriorate eventually.  I've kept my collection for years in a plastic bin in my basement workout area - where I turn on the dehumidifer when it feels too damp to exercise - and only one tape - my Kathy Smith step video - now loses its vertical hold for a minute or two. But who cares?  I continue exercising - I know the workout by heart and the audio is fine - and the video adjusts back to normal well before I could get annoyed.  Of course, when I do decide it's time to take it to the recycling center, I can find a replacement quickly and cheaply.
The FIRM with Kathy Derry

The videos I plan to sell are tested thoroughly, then put in bins in a spare room on the main floor of my house, away from moisture.  When they are ordered, I always test them again before sending them out - just to make sure no deterioration has occurred during storage.

Check out the exercise videos in glorious VHS format I offer at  I package them carefully and ship promptly.  Take advantage of my multiple item discount of up to 25%, and you'll be able to expand your own exercise library of classic workouts - and confuse your muscles on the cheap!

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