Friday, January 01, 2010

A Whole New Year of Sales and Smiles!

The first morning of 2010 brought lots of advertising to my mailbox, all of which, with one exception, I deleted before opening. The exception offered 50% off the "hottest" books and movies -- more tempting than their usual "deals". So, of course, I clicked.

And, I should have known ... the list of "hot" books and movies which applied to the discount was disappointingly short, and, to me at least, not really as hot as all that.

This particular retailer regales me daily with rewards and discounts that I have almost never "taken advantage" of. Obviously that strategy works for them, because, without the special discount offers, their chances of making a sale from bargain hunters like me drop to zilch.

Which is why I only rarely offer "sales events" -- even though I have more than a thousand sale-priced items in my eCrater and BluJay stores. My prices start out at rock-bottom -- a great selection of vintage and gently used cookbooks, craft patterns, and exercise videos, many of which cost under $8 even including shipping, as well as giftable collectibles like great old china and glassware -- items chosen for maximum decorative appeal at minimum cost to you. I can offer these items at truly "everyday low prices" because my overhead is virtually non-existent when compared to most retailers.

Even more importantly, I consider a giant portion of my profits to be my enjoyment -- the thrill of the hunt, the creative exercise of the listing, and the opportunity to offer incredible savings to folks from all over the world. I've been selling online for over 5 years, and it's still a *blast* sharing my bargain finds with you.

So, however much the economy fails around us, you and I will always succeed at -- you get maximum value for your money, and, along with my profit, I get fun -- the kind of value those Wall Street bankers can't take away.

Happy New Year to all my past and future customers -- may 2010 bring you as much pleasure shopping for great goodies as I have selling them to you!

YesterYearsGoodies Dawn

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