Tuesday, August 05, 2008

VHS format videos ... and a whole lot more

I'm not a big fan of the DVD format.

Beyond the interactive capability, which I do appreciate when I can find the remote, I am all too often transported back to a time when I laboriously dusted off my vinyl LPs, trying to remove whatever offending matter was completely undoing my "media experience".

VHS does eventually get old -- but it takes a whole lot of playing, or the grilled-cheese-in-the-VCR, didn't-supervise-the-toddler circumstance, to truly screw up a videotape playback, even if you don't keep it especially sterile.

And exercise videos don't really require the exquisite resolution of DVD, especially if you're exercising in front of the "second" TV, not the widescreen in the living room situated between the expensive objets d'art.

VHS video players are STILL AVAILABLE!!! You can buy a VCR for under $100. Usually in combination format with a DVD player.

Here's a sample of the hundreds of exercise videos in glorious, GUARANTEED to play, VHS format that are offered at my eCrater and BluJay stores. These four happen to be shrink-wrap-NEW, which adds much to their collectibility. But most of the videos I offer are of the very-gently-used variety, with lower prices and even higher value for the person who just needs some motivation and guidance in getting or staying in great physical shape.

Reebok Winning Body Workout Exercise Video - Nancy Kerrigan - NEW VHS

Stay motivated with a variety of winning exercises designed to improve overall fitness, led by Olympic medalist Nancy Kerrigan, professional hockey goalie Manon Rheaume, pro volleyball great Liz Masakayan, and Reebok University trainer Petra Kolber...

Tony Little Target Training Total Body Shape Up & Maintenance Exercise Video VHS

Non-impact exercise, one-on-one training to increase overall muscle tone, for all fitness levels. Tony Little, "America's Personal Trainer", enthusiastically demonstrates proper technique for this series of exercises, giving beginner, intermediate, and advanced versions...

Leslie Sansone You Can Do Pilates VHS Exercise Workout Video NEW

The creator of Walk Away the Pounds shows how to perform Pilates exercises to strengthen abdomen and back muscles, tone the lower body, and achieve more balance and flexiblity. The video contains 3 progressive learning segments...

Jane Fonda Lower Body Solution VHS Exercise Workout Video Tape NEW

Fun and effective 35-minute low-impact bench step aerobic exercise program for burning off fat, followed by 27 minutes of floor exercises for toning and shaping those bulges to the South..

There are more than just exercise videos in my store. I have a nice collection of cooking shows, classic movies, and children's videos, too. And, yes, even a couple in DVD format.

Not into videos? My stores have a whole lot more...books, including cookbooks and craft patterns, antique and vintage pottery and glass, and a whole range of collectibles. Browse through them all at yesteryearsgoodies.com, my one-stop shopping website with links to great deals at free-to-list BluJay.com, eCrater.com, Half.com, and Amazon.com, as well as my recommendations for other great online shops.

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