Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Exercise that Pie Away!

It's a Leap Year, so you get an extra day to get into shape with a selection from the nearly 200 VHS exercise videos at http://yesteryearsgoodies.com!

Here's a sample of tapes that will help you to make that "leap into fitness" ....

   Weight Watchers Get Moving! The 30 minute Moderate Intensity workout. VHS, 35 min.
Total body workout designed exclusively for Weight Watchers members, includes aerobic, resistance, and flexibility exercises at the moderate intensity level for maximum fat burning.

  Jenny Craig Personal Fitness Videos (3): Let's Get Started (60 min), Let's Get Moving (40 min), Let's Tone Up (50 min)
Motivating, effective, fun - this trio of videos will help you stick to your resolutions this year.

  FIRM Basics Sculpting with Weights Total Body Workout, VHS, 1997, BMG Video, 45 min.
Intervals of short and sweet aerobic exercises alternate with muscle toning with weights to provide "3 times the fat loss of aerobics" alone. Abdominal routine and stretches are also included in this 43-minute workout.

   Fitness Made Simple - 45-Minute Fat Burning Workout, with John Basedow, VHS, Manta Communications, Described as follows from the fitnessmadesimple website -
"Reshape your body in record time with Fitness Made Simple?s 45Min FAT BURNING WORKOUT. Workout at home with Fitness Celebrity John Basedow doing specifically targeted exercises to sculpt your chest, back, shoulders arms, legs, and abs. ..."

   Aerobics with Soul - African Rhythms, Maria Bergh, VHS, 1987, 60 min.
A creative aerobic exercise workout which incorporates traditional dance of Bergh's native Tanzania. Designed to work the entire body, promoting flexibility, endurance, coordination, and cardiovascular strength.

  Boxout - The New Way to Exercise with Sugar Ray Leonard, VHS, 1993, DiToro Films, 60 min (approx).
You'll want to burn calories with Sugar Ray as he leads you through the paces of his entertaining and easy to follow exercise video. It's easy to motivate yourself when you've got a contender for a teacher!

  The Original Buns of Steel, Intense Target Toning with Less Aerobics, Greg Smithey, VHS, 1987, 52min
A proven way to maintain or increase your fitness level. And an out-of-print, hard-to-find 1980s vintage collectible in its own right!

   Tamilee Presents For Women Only! Lower Body Workout with Staffan Perman, BodyVision, 1995,VHS, 30 min (approx).
Join Tamilee and Steffan Perman in effective lower body toning exercises. Because of the "superhunk" factor, you'll enjoy your preview of the tape (before you start exercising to it) as much as the results you get from active participation in the exercises!

   Reebok Rhythmic Power, Coordination and Power Dance Program, VHS, 50 min.
In another great video from Reebok University, Petra Kolber uses dance to exercise so that you almost forget you're getting a great aerobic workout!

Check out the wide variety of fitness videos in VHS format at my Videos Shopping Index. You'll feel great and save money, too!

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